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It is our goal to provide real-life reviews on the hottest shoes.

Some people love the smell of flowers, fresh fruit, pop-corn, new carpet, cleansers or that of a new car. Us, we could simply stick our noses in a pair of fresh shoes and be just as amorously infatuated. We are professional shoe buyers, wearers, collectors and testers. Simply put, we review shoes.   Come back often and see what the shoes of the day look like tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day.

Shoe Reviews: What shoes would you like us to review? Pick ME! Review my shoes!

If you would like us to review a pair of shoes, then contact us at reviews (at) shoesoftheday (dot) com, and we will provide you a shipping address and shoe size. We are happy to write reviews about every shoe type, style, make and model.  Why?  Because we run, walk, golf, hike, ride, hoop-it-up, serve, bike, climb, ride an occasional horse, moto-x, dress-up, dress-down, and conduct serious business – all in shoes.

Do you have a pair of shoes that you love and would like us to review and write about them for the world to see? Then kindly send a picture of the shoes along with a nice story about what makes them so special to: reviews (at) shoesoftheday (dot) com. Remember, they put “special” on meat to get rid of it rapidly. So make sure your shoe story is extra “special” for us to consider them for review. And don’t forget to include your “code name” for our reference, so we can thank you. Don’t worry, we won’t sell any of your information. Yeah, that’s nice – that’s because we are.

If you just have questions, we’ll take those too….and, we just might answer them, as long as they are good questions and related to shoes.  Email us at questions (at) shoesoftheday (dot) com.

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