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Nike Free Run Review

Nike Free Run+ Men’s Running Shoe Review Not quite ready to run barefoot?  Nike has a solution for all those … Read More

NIKE Air Max LeBron VII

Meet the new Lebron VII.  LeBron released his new shoes last week in Akron, Ohio.  Here is what LeBron had … Read More

Nike-tendo Wii Shoes

What shoes do you wear when you play video games?  Meet the new “Nike-tendo” Wii Shoes. These shoes aren’t programed … Read More

Nike Turbo

No more concealed, restricted and easily-punctured air. Hello open air! Hello Nike Shox! My new shoes…of the day: Nike Shox … Read More

Return Of The Nike

August 24th, 2007. I was wearing my Nike Air Max 360’s and noticed something unusual with my shoes (a feeling … Read More