Shoe Review: Ecco’s BIOM B Leather and Textile

Ecco’s BIOM B Leather

Ecco’s BIOM B Leather, photo courtesy of Amazon

A Tale of Two Reviews: Ecco’s BIOM B

Using a fitness shoe means that you need a shoe that doesn’t only hold up to the test of time – but it holds your feet comfortable while also offering support. That’s exactly what you get in the case of Ecco’s BIOM B, a shoe that looks unique and is unique. Heck, it’s such a well-fitted and well-feeling running shoe that we’ll have to recommend you going to any of the big corporations for your running shoes again.

We’d start explaining why, but there are two shoes to cover here: the leather and the textile version. So let’s pay attention to both and consider why you might want to buy either one.


This is the running-shoe-from-outer-space that you’ve been waiting for. Not only is the shoe well-contoured to fit the unique shape of your feet, but the leather actually makes for a durable and moisture-resistant way to declare an end to all “rainy days.” In essence, you’ll never have an excuse not to go out for a jog when you’re wearing these because they’ll do so much of the work for you. The rounded heal also makes the run feel like you’re running on a treadmill, while the strong rubber sole ensures that you’re able to run on everything the real world has to offer.


These look quite a bit different than the leather versions, but the textile version is no slouch. It’s comfortable, well-contoured, and has a low sole that doesn’t make you feel like you’re clopping by on your morning jog like a Clydesdale. In fact, the shoe is such a high quality that you might want to view purchasing them as a commitment, because you won’t be able to resist heading out for a run once you buy them.

The textile version costs about $170 while the leather version is $220, but the truth is that you can’t go wrong no matter which Ecco’s BIOM B you opt for. But if you’re looking to buy this kind of shoe, chances are you weren’t afraid of that kind of thing, either.

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