TrekSta Men’s Evolution II Review

TrekSta Men’s Evolution II

TrekSta Men’s Evolution II photo courtesy of Amazon

TrekSta Men’s Evolution II: What a Great Fit Can Do for a Shoe

Going out on the trail with a pair of clunky old boots will make you feel like you’re doing twice the work you need to be doing. And there’s a reason for that: it’s because you’re doing twice the work you need to be doing. TrekSta Men’s Evolution II is designed to eliminate that problem by contouring to your feet so well – in essence, fitting – that you’ll hardly notice the thing is there. You’ll get all the support, traction, and stability you need from an outdoor shoe without any of the weight or chunkiness.

Does the Evolution II succeed in its ambition to be one of the best-fitting outdoor shoes on the market? The fit will depend on your individual experience, of course, but there’s no doubt that TrekSta took a variety of feet types and sizes into account when designing this shoe. It advertises its own system as NestFIT and claims that “Upper, insole, midsole, and outsole come together like never before.”

A quick look at the shoe itself will convince you that the shoe does indeed look like form-fitting superhero armor for your feet – in other words, the Evolution II definitely passes the eyeball test. And the quality of the material itself is enough to make you wonder if more outdoor trail shoes shouldn’t handle their fit this way. There is indeed a lightness to this shoe that you might not expect at first glance thanks to a nice weaving in of appropriate materials that keep your feet dry while allowing sweat to dissipate. And the traction of the shoe is exactly what you need if you’re going to give this shoe a good test in some adverse conditions.

At $115, this is an outdoor shoe that actually comes at a bargain price compared to many similar shoes you’ll see out there on the market.

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