5Ten Spitfire Shoe Review

5Ten Spitfire Shoe

5Ten Spitfire Shoe photo courtesy of Amazon

The Adventurer’s Casual Shoe: 5Ten Spitfire

Having a casual shoe that suggests a hint of adventurism is a prime motivation for those people who need comfortable shoes for skateboarding – or just about any type of activity, for that matter. The shoe needs to be light and yet supportive, and certainly requires an element of style that can’t be found in your father’s closet.

Enter the 5Ten Spitfire, a “classic skate profile” shoe designed for the inner skateboarder in you: it’s ideally suited not only for pavement and a quick trip to the grocery store via skateboard, but is ready for the dirt bike as well. But once you reach a certain level of comfort for a shoe like this, it’s all about the style. And a close-up look at the Spitfire will tell you exactly what you need to know about it.

That’s because the Spitfire’s construction – simple yet sturdy laces, a few foldovers, attention to detail – makes this a stylish shoe for just about any skateboarder or general urban adventurer to wear. And at a price of just $99 or so, the shoe is going to last you long enough to more than justify its place in your wardrobe.

That is, of course, if you plan on actually storing this shoe away in your wardrobe. But our guess is that you’ll actually want to wear it in just about every situation – grocery store, walking down the street, bicycling to work – because it’s such a versatile and comfortable shoe. The one-piece outsole will make sure that you have enough traction on the pavement to try all sorts of tricks on the skateboard and will also provide a comprehensive coverage for the shoe itself, helping to prevent short-term damage while you give your feet all you’ve got.

We recommend this shoe for anyone who wants a youthful style and needs a shoe that works well on pavement – in essence, anyone who’s out on the pavement enough to require a casual shoe with kick.

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