Sanuk’s Pick Pocket Review: Hoodie For Your Feet

Sanuk’s Pick Pocket: A Hoodie on Your Feet?

One look at Sanuk’s Pick Pocket casualwear shoes and you’ll agree with them: they were able to take the look and feel of a hoodie and put it on your feet. That’s probably what inspired the Pick Pocket’s name, considering the somewhat suspect appearance some people have when wearing hoodies. But that doesn’t mean you have to submit to a life of crime in order to enjoy these shoes as casual wear. In fact, you might even feel inspired to do a few good deeds after you slap these on. Here’s why.

First, even though the look and feel of a hoodie is replicated to a fine degree by the Pick Pocket, they’re not actually going to feel like a hoodie. And that’s a good thing, because hoodies don’t provide a lot of foot protection or stability. A single sole runs the entire length of the Pick Pocket to give you protection running down the stairs or heading out to run a few errands.

Of course, if you’re buying Sanuk’s Pick Pocket for casual wear, you do want to know that it’s comfortable. And it is. All of the vegan-friendly materials are soft and friendly to your feet, helping you to feel like you can wear this shoe like a sock around the house if need be. But there’s also a versatility there that ensures you can simply slip this shoe on once you’ve got to head out to pick up a friend or twelve-pack of soda. (We’re assuming, of course, that you’re not actually heading out to pick pockets.)

Sure, we could use more colors than the charcoal, but that’s okay. The low price of $65 for this shoe make it a “steal” – forgive the Pick Pocket pun – and virtually ensure that you’ll be happy with your purchase. Now, if they could just figure out how to make a hoodie for your hands…

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