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Freewaters Self-Employed Shoes for the Self-Employed

Freewaters Self Employed

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For the self-employed, a casual shoe is an enigma. Do you wear something that looks good with a lot of outfits, and sacrifice comfort and ease of use in the process? Or do you simply opt for comfort, putting on a pair of slippers in the morning and not taking them off until it’s time to bed?

If you answered either of the above, you know just how hard it can be to find a casual shoe that matches style, comfort, and convenience in a synergistic way. But there is one shoe that accomplishes just that: Freewaters’ Self-Employed shoes – a shoe that certainly lives up to its name.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the Freewaters Self-Employed simply look comfortable. That’s because they are. They’re a little puffy around the ankles, designed to be snug and warm in case you’re heading out and running errands on a cold winter day. But they’re also designed to be functional, as is the case with the front zipper: simply open it up and you’ll be able to let the heat out.

Stylistically, the shoes succeed: the colors are warm and not so outlandish that they draw attention to themselves – if you’re self-employed and looking for a comfortable shoe, that’s a good thing. They’re also soled strongly enough that you can get around on pavement, driving a car, and generally handle any manner of daily outdoor tasks without feeling that you’re pushing the shoes to the limit.

You might not have to be self-employed to enjoy the Self-Employed, but it’s clear that this is a shoe that doesn’t mind being worn by those who need something that works both around the house and around the neighborhood. At just $80, these shoes also leave enough room in your pocketbook to pay those quarterly estimated taxes.

The What
This house shoe is called: Self Employed by Freewaters
Color tested: DGY (Dark Gray, or Dude. Get. Yours.)

The Why
Buy them if: you are self-employed. Price check.
Forget them if: you still haven’t worn those sheepskin slippers granny gave you for Christmas ten years ago.
Tested on: carpet, tile and wood flooring.
Highest and best use: loafing.

Tip: Use the zipper for cooling your feet, or for storing small items.  If you like the Magic Carpet by Freewaters, you’ll love these!

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Freewaters (MSRP $80). If you have a pair of shoes (or house slippers) that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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  1. michaelpie says:

    Now I’m not an expert on men’s fashion but I did notice from a recent closet purge that he was in need of something streamlined, less square (literally), and versatile. This sleek, unfussy pair seems extremely versatile. Its simple design carries it from daytime with jeans to nighttime with a suit. And Davy was satisfied with the less square design of the toe (he dislikes really pointy toes; he says they’re like elf shoes

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