Vasque Taku GTX Hiking Boot Review

Vasque Taku GTX Hiking Boots: The Real Deal?

Vasque Hiking Boots

We’ll admit it: the physics of hiking boots means there’s only so much that can be optimized. A good hiking boot is: light on your feet, doesn’t drag you in the mud, has a solid grip on the ground and wet surfaces, and keeps your feet dry even in adverse weather conditions. It should also be comfortable and – hey, why not?  Best of all, you’ll probably look really good while doing some measure of all the qualities listed here.

The Vasque Taku GTX Hiking Boots do all of this to the “T”. In short, this is an amazing hiking boot, the kind of hiking boot you’ve been searching for all along. Not only does the boot do a great job of actively keeping your feet protected, but it’s such a lightweight and natural fit that you hardly feel like you’re wearing “hiking boots” at all – you might feel like you’re out for a walk in your casual shoes.  How long does it take to break them in? About as long as it takes to heat up your portable stove.

Heck, the Vasque Taku GTX even succeeds in other areas, such as keeping your feet breathing in warmer temperatures with a thin but sturdy combination of nylon and leather. The Gore-Tex liners not only stop water from getting in, but actually allow water vapor to get out – a seeming impossibility that makes these boots all the more magical.

With the classic combination of rubber outsoles to maintain good footing and rubber toe bumpers to protect the boot at its edges, this hiking boot is also built to last. It’s the kind of hiking boot that will make you wonder why anyone else even bothers making them a different way.

The price of $170 is perfectly justified – and indeed will cost a pretty penny less than a lot of the “upper-end” hiking boots you might see elsewhere. Don’t believe the hype for the pricey shoes: these are where the quality’s at.

Yes, this hiking boot is the real deal!

The What:

This is called: Vasque Taku GTX hiking boot.
Color tested: Slate Black/Estate Blue

The Why:
Buy them if: you want a hiking boot that feels like a regular shoe and are interested in wearing one of the lightest Gore-Tex boots on the market.
Forget them if: you like hiking boots that take a long time to break-in.
Tested on: Rocky Mountain trails covered in snow, mud and rocks.
Highest and best use: hiking, hiking, hiking.

Tip: True to the Vasque brand, these boots won’t disappoint.  Again, don’t be afraid to size-up if you wear thicker socks.

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Vasque (MSRP $170). If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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