Ecco Tahoe: A Multisport Shoe Review

Ecco’s Tahoe: A Multisport Shoe for all Seasons?

Ecco Tahoe Shoe Review

Today’s multisport shoe doesn’t only have to be versatile enough to handle a variety of outdoor activities, it has to be able to handle a variety of outdoor conditions without making you feel weighed down, wet, or causing any combination of discomfort. That’s why Ecco’s Taho multisport shoe is such a success, of course.  But as you’ll read, the truth about what makes a great shoe is what’s found in the details.

First, the big stuff. Yes, the Ecco Tahoe is stable and able to grip on wet surfaces – to the extent that rubber can.  The shoes also feature a “sporty” outdoor look that many outdoor enthusiasts will probably find irresistible. Put on a pair of Tahoes and you’ll likely feel like getting outdoors, even if you didn’t before. And the material is high-quality, featuring a combination of leather and textiles to offer flexibility and stability.

But we can’t forget about the smaller details as well, including one characteristic of a multisport shoe that so many people often forget: the “inner climate,” as Ecco so delicately puts it. If you’re going to be using a shoe for multisport endeavors, then you’re going to be perspiring, not least of all inside the shoe, where your feet are snugly protected from the outside elements.

The issue of sweat is handled best by the best shoes, and the Tahoe does exactly that by keeping moisture out and allowing the water vapor in your shoes to escape. That’s a great combination for warm weather, of course, but it’s also surprisingly a major factor in winter as well.

At a price of $150, you can’t go wrong with using Ecco’s Tahoe as a multisport shoe for your next adventure. Sure, there’s only one color available, but if you’re like us, that’s all you need.

The What:

This is called: Ecco Tahoe multisport, constructed of YAK leather and textile.
Color tested: Moon Rock/Ice White.

The Why:
Buy them if: you want a sporty outdoor shoe that you can wear comfortably on the trail and fashionably around town.
Forget them if: you’re a member of the YPC (Yak Preservation Club).
Tested on: Rocky Mountain trails and around town.
Highest and best use: light hiking.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to size up if you wear thicker socks.  The YAK leather is incredibly supple.  These shoes are soft against your feet and tough against the terrain.  For more, check out Ecco’s performance technology here.

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Ecco (MSRP $150). If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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