Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra API Review

Get Altitude: The Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra API Hiking Boots

The modern-day hiking boot requires versatility. After all, people who go hiking also have access to technology  like cars and GPS – it’s easy to alter one’s chosen terrain on a whim. That’s why hiking boots have to follow suit and meet all demands…at least if the boot is going to be worth the cost. Does the V-Lite Altitude Ultra API hiking boot deliver on these demands, or is it simply another way of strapping your feet in?

First, we should evaluate the most important aspects of a hiking boot: keeping moisture out and keeping you upright. This means that both grip and strength of waterproofing are high priorities. The V-Lite Altitude succeeds with high grades on both of these fronts with a high grade of leather that covers your feet and ankles incredibly well. On the grip side, there are no complaints: the Vibram outsole is, of course, awesome Vibram rubber.  Enough said.

What’s great about the V-Lite series is that the shoes all come up high along your ankle without constricting your movement, thus providing extra protection from the elements without really messing with your stride.  This will actually make it tempting to place a little extra wear and tear on the boot, and depending on your perspective, that can either be a good or a bad thing.  For a hiking boot, they are light-weight but don’t worry, they don’t scrimp on durability.

Ultimately, this hiking boot is exactly what many people are looking for. At $150, it’s right about where you would expect a solid hiking boot for the season to cost. It provides great waterproofing and its high ankle support not only makes it durable, but comfortable. It would be great if this boot came in more colors than simply chocolate/light taupe, but chances are if that you’re buying one of these boots, you don’t need a ton of extra frills to get your thrills.

The What:
This hiking boot is called: V-lite Altitude Ultra WPI by Hi-Tec.
Color tested: Chocolate/Light Taupe.

The Why:
Buy them if: you like (thumbs-up) light-weight hiking boots.
Forget them if: you already have your “hydro-management” merit badge.
Tested on: Rocky Mountain trails.
Highest and best use: we say, take a hike!

Tip: The fit is true to size.  Hi-Tec has come along way, and these won’t take that long to break-in.  This hiking boot is not as rigid as the typical “waterproof” leather uppers.  They seem to mold easily to your feet and the boots have plenty of padding to protect your ankles.

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Hi-Tec (MSRP $150). If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on shoesoftheday.com, contact us at reviews (at) shoesoftheday.com

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