Vasque Rift Multisport Shoe Review

Vasque’s Multisport “Rift”: Is this the Do-Everything Shoe?

Vasque Rift Multisport Shoes

The idea of a multisport shoe is not a new one: after all, versatility has always been a quality we demand of our shoes. But being confident enough in a shoe to take it canoeing, camping, hiking, bicycling, or simply walking means that you need to make an investment in a shoe ready to handle all of the challenges the elements bring in your local geography. Does Vasque’s Multisport shoe Rift handle these challenges?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: there’s actually a lot of detail and preparation work that go into building a shoe this versatile while keeping it light enough to not be a drain on your time and energy.

Slipping this shoe on and hopping in a canoe feels as natural as slipping it on and going for a long hike. In fact, the shoe’s shape is so conventional that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing multisport shoes.

The first quality we like is that the Rift is indeed light – less than two pounds. The laces are traditional and make it a snap to lace up and start enjoying whatever of the multisports you enjoy most. The caps on both ends also make it durable, providing a protection against wear and tear that too many “casual” shoes simply ignore.

There are also quite a few colors to choose from, and none of the color combinations lack pizzazz. You can try their “pesto/beluga,” for example, or their “Slate Black/Scuba Blue” if you’re feeling a little more aquatic. Some of the color combinations look positively 1990s, which is good if you just finished listening to Pearl Jam’s Ten.

At $120, these multisport shoes are reasonably priced and considering how much dirty work you might give them, can be considered quite the bargain indeed.

The What:
This multisport shoe is called: Rift by Vasque.  Coming spring 2012 to a store near you!
Color tested: Chili Pepper (with a hint of black pepper too)

The Why:
Buy them if: you want to be trail ready, ALWAYS!
Forget them if: you love your Velcro lacing system.
Tested on: red-rock, asphalt, concrete, lava rock, sand, motorcycle pegs, rock, gravel, bike peddles, carpet (still want more?)
Highest and best use: for everything….except  bowling – these shoes are way to sticky to slide.  And those bowling people work hard to keep their wood floors scuff-free and shiny.

Tip: This shoe is for you if you just cant decide between the trail shoes and hiking boots. If this is your first pair of Vasque shoes, you won’t be disapointed.  For us, these shoes offer out-of-the-box comfort and they delivered on all promises.

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Vasque MSRP $120). If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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