Simple Men’s Tuba II Herringbone

The Top Three Reasons to Buy the Men’s Tuba II Herringbone

As the Bard once said, what’s in a shoe?

Okay, so William Shakespeare didn’t really write that, but if you’ve meandered your way through the Internet and have landed on this article, there’s a good chance that question is exactly the one that’s on your mind. Specifically, what’s in the Men’s Tuba II Herringbone sneaker, and is it worth the $60 price tag that comes with it?

Well, if you’re an eco-minded shoe connoisseur, there’s a good chance that’s a perfect price for you. While the Tuba II Herringbone sounds like something you might see someone using at band practice, this shoe is able to marry a casual, relaxed style with an organic cotton/linen blend and certified organic cotton shoe laces. Admit it – you never applied your environmental consciousness to tying your shoes before, right? Well, now you can.

But let’s talk about the details. The stuff at the bottom of the shoe – you know, the stuff the bottom of your socks will touch – is both biodegradable and foamy, making it just as comfortable as you would hope in any shoe without being made out of the nasty stuff you wouldn’t wish on nature. It’s also a partially recycled shoe, because the rubber on it is made partially from old car tires.

It sounds unappealing, sure, but the result is just about the same as any other $60 shoe you can find. Even if you don’t care about the environment, the rubber works well and, hey – it can’t hurt, right?

Is this the shoe for you? Well, let’s get down to the nitty gritty here, and do what the title of this article promised: explore three reasons why you should probably buy this shoe:

  1. It’s stylish and attractive. It comes in black, charcoal, and rock grey – which actually resemble black, grey, and khaki. Those are the most versatile colors you can find out of a shoe like this, and they each look perfect for sauntering down the street.
  2. It’s eco-friendly. You don’t have to sound like such a hypocrite when you talk about the environment in these shoes – when someone asks about the evil stuff you’re wearing, you can break it down for them: even your shoelaces are legitimate organic.
  3. The price is right. You might expect something this eco-friendly to drive up the prices, but that’s not the case here. Instead, it’s a stylish, comfortable, solid shoe and you can’t really go wrong with it. Quoting Shakespeare, on the other hand, will be a little more difficult.

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