Karhu Shoes Fast2 Fulcrum Review

Run Away From Your Shoe-Related Problems in a Fast2 Fulcrum Ride

There are generally two types of runners: the runner who goes for endurance, testing the limits of their soul while not giving a flip about speed, and the speedster who doesn’t care about the tortoise’s strategy if it can clock in at the speed of the hare. Neither approach to running is necessarily wrong, of course, but the shoe we’re talking about today is built for one of you: the hare.

Coming in at bright colors like neon green/yellow and some sort of blazing orange, these shoes look like they were lifted out of Usain Bolt’s experimental laboratory and made available for Internet distribution. There’s nothing quite like feeling fast in a flashy new pair of shoes, but it’s really the performance that matters, isn’t it?

In the case of this shoe, it’s all about that outsole: the part of the shoe where the rubber hits the road. A blown rubber and carbon rubber outsole make for a light, springy step that will make you feel faster once you fasten these shoes on your feet – you might even start having more fun just skipping around during your warmups. Just be careful of who you allow to see you skip.

But make no mistake: these shoes aren’t for everyone that wants to get faster. They’re a little pricy, coming in at well over a hundred dollars, and are definitely designed for someone who’s already got a lighter step – in other words, the non-fatties amongst you shoe lovers. And while some people run for endurance, as we said, it’s the pursuit of speed that motivates the target demographic for this pair of shoes.

Should you buy them? If you fit the bill of potential buyers for this shoe, be sure that you really do want to focus on performance rather than actual training. If you’re looking for a shoe to help you train, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you want to win a race, these might be right down your alley.

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