Newton’s Gravitas Review: Running Shoe Review Part II

Trick or Sweet?  Newton’s Gravitas: The Running Shoe that Will Keep You Going!

If you ask me, running shoes often get a bad rap. They’re seen as one-hit wonders, as specialty shoes, and certainly not shoes you’ll want to take to formal occasions. But these are the shoes that we wear out the most often, provided we actually stick to those New Year’s resolutions, and they will certainly take the greatest beating. So why is a great pair of running shoes so low on the list of stylish or important clothing options?

Well, because they look like Newton’s Gravitas, a pair of running shoes that offers high-level functionality for the 2011-2020 decade but look like they’ve been plucked out of the 1980’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little retro-style, especially when it comes to the timeless exercise classics that came with the rise of brands like Nike.

If you’re a runner, of course, you couldn’t care less. Shoes like the gravitas are why you run – you want to customize your own level of endurance, and you need a shoe that can take you ten miles a day just as easily as it can take you a mile. That’s what the Gravitas provides with extended heel durability, excellent fit and plenty of flexibility. There are some shoes that would seek to change you with all that they do to your foot – the Gravitas is not one of those shoes.

At $175, these shoes do come down on the pricy side, which can be especially tricky if you’re a college student and need the exercise but also need the money. Die-hard runners might – forgive the pun – gravitate to a shoe like the Gravitas more readily, especially if those runners are the ones who have been around a while, have some money, and need a shoe that reduces stress on their feet and legs.  Looking to build your calf muscles?  These are the shoes.  These shoes will keep you on your toes – literally.  I asked a triathlon expert “what do you think about the newton shoe experience?  He responded, “I wont run in anything thing else.”  Take it from us and a tri-expert and try a pair for yourself.  No trick, they’re sweet!

Should you get a pair? It’s certainly worth a look if you want a quality running shoe. And, heck, if you were looking for stylish shoes in the first place, you wouldn’t have finished this article because you’d already be reading GQ.  Or, you’re still staring and the shorts and not the shoes.

The What:
This trail running shoe is called: Newton’s Gravitas.
Color tested: Blue. Orange. White. Sliver.

The Why:
Buy them if: your calves need some serious toning, and your running form needs honing.
Forget them if: you already have perfect running form.
Tested on: asphalt of the blackest pigment.
Highest and best use: for the shoes?  Running.  For the Shorts?  Halloween.

Tip: If this is your first pair of Newtons, work them in slowly to you run.  These shoes will keep you on your toes!  (The shorts probably will too.)

(Model and shorts not included with the purchase!  However, both the shoes and model were used with permission)

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Newton Running MSRP $175).  If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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