Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe Review

The Comfortable Outdoors: Enjoying the Juxt Multi-Sport from Vasque

When most of us think about going outdoors to enjoy some rough terrain, we don’t think about comfort. Sure, some of us enjoy being out of our typical comfort zones – and some of us would prefer exercise that can occur in a single place, like a treadmill. But there’s no reason you can’t have the best of both worlds, so long as you have the shoes that can deliver on both counts. Vasque’s Juxt Multi-sport shoes look to do just that by combining endurance and versatility with the comfort you’d expect from an everyday shoe. Does it succeed?

Vasque Juxt Shoes

Short answer: yep. In fact, it’s one of the most surprisingly comfortable outdoor shoes you’ll find on Planet Earth, wrapping securely around your foot and staying secure with what Vasque calls a “sticky rubber sole.” That’s about all you need to justify a hike when the weekend comes, but if you find it in you to test the limits of not only your shoe, but your comfort zone, you might be surprised at how long these puppies last with you into the wilderness.  In fact, beware that these shoes will make it feel like you’re taking it easy on yourself.  And, just for you we tested them on the slick rock of Moab and the rocky terrain of the Wasatch.

That leaves plenty of room for die-hard weekend warriors to test this shoe’s limits, and you certainly should when a shoe like this is designed just for that. It’s not a specialization shoe, which means it’s not aimed at any one particular activity, so give it a shot on cycling jaunts, hikes, runs, and even your friendly neighborhood stroll.

Availability might be a concern, as these shoes can be hard to find in every location under the sun, so make sure that you’re able to actually secure a pair of these shoes before you get so excited that you have to bookmark their shopping cart.

The What

This trail running shoe is called: Juxt by Vasque.
Color tested: Aluminum/Chili Pepper.

The Why

Buy them if: you want more than “juxt” a regular shoe.
Forget them if: you prefer scrambling in your sneakers.
Tested on: slick rock, shale and rock trails.
Highest and best use: yes, please.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to run in these shoes.  Seriously, these are some of the most comfortable multi-sports on the market.

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Vasque (MSRP $95).  If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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