Vasque Mindbender Shoe Review

Vasque’s Mindbender: Does It Really Blow Your Mind or Just bend it?

It’s fair to say that when you take a really long run, strange things can happen to your mind. You might not hallucinate, sure, but with endorphins surging through your system there’s no telling as to how you can feel as the tenth mile rolls around. Vasque’s Mindbender is not only built around that premise, but titled around it: it really wants to take you on some kind of mindbender.

Of course, you can’t do these things to your brain unless you start out by focusing on your feet. And your feet need a lot of comfort if they’re going to go on some sort of mystical journey and test the endurance of the human spirit. One of the keys to a great trail running shoe, however, isn’t how much it does, but how much it allows your foot to do without getting in the way. You have to be lightweight in order to pull this off, and the Mindbender certainly succeeds on that front, coming in at a weight of just 11.5 ounces.

Available in five colors for 2012 that look built for someone with an outdoorsy sensibility – and no one else – the appearance of the shoe is functional and…well, just functional. Not that you need to be particularly stylish as you fight off your stomach grumblings on mile number 12 and pray that you don’t lose control of a certain bodily function before you can reach a bathroom, but it’s something to be aware of.  The two new colors for ’12 will definitely brighten up the earth-tones from the ’11 line-up.

Shoes of this caliber need to focus on something more practical anyway: durability and comfort. If you’re going to be putting your mind through a bender and your feet through a lot of miles, you’re going to need a shoe that can take the constant stress and last as long as you can. Vasque’s Mindbender succeeds at delivering the goods where it counts.  Goods delivered, mind blown.

Vasque Mindbender

This trail running shoe is called: Mindbender by Vasque

Color tested: Olive Branch/Peat.

Buy them if: you want a trail running shoe that can do it all – including mind bending.

Forget them if: you like shoes that eat up your feet when you are eating up the trail.

Tested on: mind-bending, steep and winding, dirt, and rock trails.

Highest and best use: all the trails your mind, body and feet can handle.

Tip: If you have wide feet, you will love all the room in the toe box.  This is the perfect endurance shoe – these shoes can handle whatever you throw at them.  And if you change your mind, you can also take these shoes for a hike.

*Disclosure: shoes provided by Vasque (MSRP $100).  If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)


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