Ahnu Woodacre Shoe Review

Ahnu’s Men’s Woodacre: A Shoe For Uneven Terrain

If you’ve ever been trail running before, you know how easy it is for a pair of shoes to let you down. Maybe they’re not secure enough around your feet in order to stay stable. Maybe they can’t handle a little excess moisture. Maybe they slip too easily – and that’s a serious one, because you don’t want to skimp on injury minimization.

The Ahnu’s Woodacre for men is a shoe that looks to fix all of these problems when it comes to being outdoors and on unstable terrain. Ahnu could have produced a shoe that’s easy to ride on treadmills and concrete, but there’s no doubt the Woodacre is a little more ambitious than that. There’s plenty of shock absorption and protection here – you won’t feel small stones, for example – that lets you know Ahnu is serious about making this your go-to pair of shoes for outdoor, unpredictable trails.

A price of $120 is reasonable given the current trail running shoe market, and if you can get enough use out of it, it’s reasonable for this pair of shoes, as well. Considering that the Woodacre is designed to take you a multitude of places, it will really be your responsibility to put this pair of shoes to the test and make sure you get your money’s worth.

Of course, you won’t notice if you’re getting your money’s worth on steady, even terrain, so don’t be afraid to give these shoes what they were designed for – mother nature. Take them out on the trails, test some different terrains, and enjoy yourself. After all, what’s the point of trail running if it just leaves you hating ever having bought trail running shoes? There’s certainly enough protection and padding in this shoe to leave you comfortable after a good run – it will be up to your own motivating forces to make sure the entire run isn’t so comfortable.

Be prepared for some looks too – people can’t keep their eyes off the Aurora.

This trail running shoe is called: The Woodacre by Ahnu.
Color tested: Aurora.  Yes, similar to the Disney princess although these sweethearts can handle a lot more dirt.
Buy them if: you like things that include the word multi; multi-colored, multi-terrain and multi-vitamins.  Yes, your feet need nutrition too.
Forget them if: you’re stuck on the old, but deep down you know you need something Ahnu.
Tested on: acres and acres of wood-filled, dirt trails.
Highest and best use: trails in the 100 acre wood.  (Yeah, we thought we would stay with the Disney theme).

Tip: Wide feet and stubby toes will do well in these shoes.  Don’t be afraid to hike in these shoes either.


*Disclosure: shoes provided by Ahnu (MSRP $120).  If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on shoesoftheday.com, contact us at reviews (at) shoesoftheday.com


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