Tecnica Diablo MAX Shoe Review

Diablo MAX Ms: The Devil’s in the Details

There’s a certain personality type for which only one kind of shoe will do: the trail blazer. If you are the kind of person who likes to get in the outdoors and test the limits of their endurance, while also testing the integrity of the nature trails that play host to their scampering feet, this is your shoe.  It’s hot, and the name says it all.  The Diablo MAX Ms are the pair of shoes that look to support this kind of intrepid personality, supporting a trail running habit by keeping feet comfortable and offering the unique kind of support that an uncertain terrain requires. Quite simply, this is the shoe that delivers the goods.

Image used by permission from Tecnica

At a reasonable weight of only 360 grams, they stay out of the way in terms of weight, allowing you to build a natural flow to your trail running rhythm that you’ll quickly get used to. With a steady grip on the outsole (TRS Max Technigrip by Tecnica, if you can speak gibberish) and a nice synthetic mesh on the upside to keep things relatively clean, the shoe is versatile enough to handle trails in a variety of environments – and the variety of weather that you’ll likely want to subject them to.  A serious trail running habit does require a serious shoe, and that’s exactly what these MAX Ms provide.  This shoe also offers an over-sized rocker profile that has a 55% greater toe and heel rocker height that optimizes energy transfer and propulsion.

The price is $130, which is not unheard of for an upper-end shoe of this caliber. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” then you’ll certainly see the wisdom in springing for a few extra bucks in order to get a shoe that lasts. And if it means that you’ll run the trails more, it could also be considered an investment in your psychological and biological health.

But try to buy these shoes if you’re serious about hitting the trails – don’t let them go to waste in your closet as you focus on exercising with ping pong and Nintendo Wii. However, if you feel like getting out on a regular basis, this is the pair of shoes for you.

This trail running shoe is called: Diablo MAX Ms by Tecnica.
Color tested: Anthracite.  Yes, we went ahead and found the definition for you so you don’t even have to leave the page  (Anthracite (Greek  (anthrakítes)  “coal-like” compact variety of mineral coal that has a high luster.”)
Buy them if: you are into more cow bell – like 30% more.  Yes, more is more as this shoe offers 30% larger footprint.  Remember, this is the shoe that delivers the goods.
Forget them if: you are into treading lightly or you are completely off your rocker.  Remember, this shoe offers an oversized rocker that may help keep you on yours.
Tested on: rocky, dirty, muddy and snowy trails.
Highest and best use: “all-your-feet-can-eat” trails.

Tip: These shoes like trails and my feet really liked these shoes.


*Disclosure: shoes provided by Tecnica (MSRP $130).  If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on shoesoftheday.com, contact us at reviews (at) shoesoftheday.com

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  1. Sinaps says:

    Nice shoes! I like it

  2. Plumbing says:

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  3. nike running shoes says:

    It’s important to replace your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles, but getting new shoes every couple of months can get expensive. But the better you take care of your running shoes, the longer they’ll last. Here are some tips for making your running shoes last longer:
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  4. RingoRun says:

    The Diablo max is a nice paire of shoes with lots of cushioning, but it is not really good for people who are over pronation because the sole get crush and the paire get disformation.

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