Magic Carpet from FreeWaters

Magicarpet from FreeWaters: Great Flip-Flops or Greatest Flip-Flops?

If you’re like me, you probably like to indulge your inner nerd every once in a while and give objective ranking assignments to art that can only be subjectively measured. Greatest symphony of all time? Beethoven’s Ninth. Greatest painting of all time? The Mona Lisa. Greatest flip-flops of all time? The FreeWaters Magic Carpet.

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Of course, in order to be called the greatest of all time, you usually have to do a bit of genre-defying. Beethoven did it by bringing in a choir to sing on his symphony. The Magic Carpet accomplishes its own respective feat by making a flip-flop that looks like a flip-flop but is capable of the kind of performance you’ve never even thought of attempting in similar-looking shoes. In other words, this might be the rare instance that a pair of flip-flops is actually “running-ready.” Or, as FreeWaters puts it, “a running shoe disguised as a sandal.”

While the overall design might appear to be that of an ordinary flip-flop, there are some subtle things here that make this the kind of flip-flop that Bruce Wayne would keep around in the Bat Cave. Consider the reduced pinching of the neoprene flex panel, or an underbelly that not only splashes out water like a car tire, but keeps the foot cool for the summer excursions you’ll no doubt be enjoying in these things.

But the overall result of all the effort placed into the Magic Carpet is not only a great flip-flop, but a flip-flop that essentially transforms when you run: it fits well with your foot and even provides some nice spring-action for your steps, similar to the way a running shoe would. You know how they say don’t run around the pool? Well, you still shouldn’t, so be wary of the temptation to do it when you snap these sandals on.

How highly can we recommend these? Well, if the comparisons to the Mona Lisa and Beethoven’s Ninth were too subtle for you, we’ll just say that the Magic Carpet is probably as close to a perfect sandal as you’ll find in a generation – when, we’re assuming, they’ll actually be able to lift you out of Earth’s orbit and serve you lunch. Until that technology arrives, this flip-flop is the pair to own.

Fit Perfect.  Special Build.  Don’t Stink.  Quick Dry. Clean water for people who need it (for 1 year).  ‘Nuff said.

Magic Carpet on Moonlight Beach, Encinitias, CA

This sandal is called: Magic Carpet by Freewaters.
Color tested: “BKB” (Black, Blue, Grey)
Buy them if: you want to  provide clean drinking water for one individual for one entire year.  Or, you just want to own the most comfortable flip-flop on the planet – or in orbit.  We like to call this a “win-win.”
Forget them if: ….well, we say don’t forget ’em – that would be a sad vacation.
Tested on: sand, dirt, asphalt, beach sidewalks, city sidewalks, busy sidewalks.
Highest and best use: Wherever, whenever.  (Well, in the winter you might consider a sweet pair of toe socks.)

Tip: Perfect recovery footwear after your long trail run.

*Disclosure: Sandals provided by Freewaters (MSRP $60).  If you have a pair of shoes that need to be featured on, contact us at reviews (at)

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