GoLite Tara Lite Shoe Review

Go Light on the Trails with a GoLite TaraLite Shoe

If there’s anything that people who enjoy hitting the trails love, it’s minimalism. Going out to hit the hiking trails gives them the scent of fresh air, maximum exercise, and most importantly – a chance to get out of the house. So it’s only fitting that this type of person also enjoy a minimalist shoe that’s able to combine simplicity in design with high-performing features. That’s what the GoLite TaraLite attempts to do. Does it succeed?

The simple answer is yes. The TaraLite is dubbed the “latest evolution in BareTech trail running shoes,” and with a name like “BareTech,” it better be good.  This shoe was inspired by sandals in the Tarahumara tribes in Mexico, and is a shoe that gives the greatest amount of leeway to your feet while also supplementing your foot’s natural abilities like any good minimal shoe would, could and should.

How is this accomplished? You have an internal thong (it’s not what you think it is) to add stability and consistency in the uncertain terrain, solid protection from the outside elements, and very little extraneous details that would otherwise get in the way of your foot and subsequently alter the way you exercise.

As stated, if you enjoy trail running in the first place, there’s a good chance you don’t need a shoe with 100 gadgets and features embedded therein.

At $115, this shoe will cost you what you might expect from other shoes across several markets, meaning it’s a fair price. But what if you’re a trail running enthusiast who wants a shoe with even more minimalism? Well, tie a sandal to your feet and start walkin’, but there’s no guarantee that your contraption will perform nearly as well as a shoe designed for both minimalism and unexpected terrain.  The outsole is sticky, holding on mightily to sandstone rock.  Check out the picture of the tread in the sand.  The GoLite TaraLite is designed to support and enhance without altering – and that’s all you should be asking out of your trail running shoe.

This trail shoe is called: TaraLite by Golite
Color tested: Orange/Black/Gray.
Buy them if: you want a no-lace, zero drop heel, natural feeling trail shoe.
Forget them if: you don’t have any toe socks that will accommodate the thong.
Tested on: sand, slick-rock, dirt and rocky trails.
Highest and best use: broad mix of trail terrain.
Tip – they fit exactly to your regular shoe size.  Don’t add – keep it minimal.

Disclosure: We received these shoes complementary from Golite.  If we didn’t like them, we wouldn’t have written about them.

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  2. Bruce says:

    I have a wide foot (EE). If you plan on trying these shoes go at least 1/2 to 1 size up to accomodate the wide foot. You don’t need the socks except for odor control. Once you get used to the thong, you’ll find them very comfortable and I would rate them between a very minimal shoe (Merrill Trail Glove) to a more cushioned trail running shoe you would have purchased a few years ago. I use them for the unexpected root or rock which the minimal generally would handle well. Very good shoe.

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