The Newton Gravitas Shoe Review

Newton Running has jumped up on the barefoot running bandwagon. How does a shoe company join the barefoot revolution? By sticking to the principles of the movement – foot strength, forefoot strides, faster sprints, and more overall support – but perfecting them with the ideal shoe structure. The Newton Gravitas  is snazzy, effective and, unlike other minimalistic running shoe models, looks just like a regular shoe.

Gravitas are different from other minimalist running shoes trying to mimic and expand on barefoot running concepts because of the unique technology they employ. Instead of choosing chunky heels like running shoes used to have, Newton’s shoes feature slim heels rubber lugs protruding from the outsole, right under the ball of your foot. This design helps you run faster by propelling your forward each time you lift the toe of your foot for another stride. When bringing your foot down, you push the lugs into the midsole and when you begin pushing off the ground for your next stride, the lugs decompress and propel you forward.

This might seem like a complicated mechanism for something as natural and basic as running, but remember that your feet have been adapting to normal shoes since birth and never built up the right foot strength for running. Gravitas give a comfortable, stretchy fit that doesn’t cramp your feet and will never beat up your toes. Earlier Newton minimalistic running shoe models had even less heel, but the Gravitas are perfect for anyone whose feet are still getting used to minimalistic running shoes.

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  1. Sir Isaac says:

    You can find out more about Newton Running’s position on the barefoot/minimalist movement here:


    Sir Isaac

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  3. Ali says:

    These running shoes are great! Ive recently been looking for a new pair of shoes to work in and can’t wait to find the best pair! But if you looking for some dressy shoes and comfy just like running shoes check out

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