New Balance MR993 Review

New Balance MR993 Review

Chronologically advanced people – this shoe is for you!   Younger (or those of you who think you aren’t very old) these shoes are not just for grandma either.  Try a pair on yourself and you will know why you should own a pair.  Why hasn’t New Balance changed the look in, well forever?  Like the finer things in life, good things get better with age.  This is one of THE most comfortable running shoes on the market, ever.  Yes, we just said the four letter word – EVER.  New Balance did it right with the 993, when they were created  in 19-whenever.   In fact, one of my favorite pairs of New Balance shoes were worn completely out and I went searching for another pair.  I was unsuccessful.  Not the 993 by New Balance, they aren’t going anywhere.  If you have shoe attachment problems, this is your shoe.

These shoes naturally keep you on the ball of your foot and almost propel you forward without a thought.  So you aren’t a runner, you the walker type?  Not a problem, we understand.  These shoes feel great below the speed limit too.  The words you need to know associated with this shoe are: comfort, ABZORB®, comfort and comfort.  The shoes of the day, the new/old New Balance MR993:

NB 993

Image courtesy Zappos

Buy them if: you’re old-school but need some new-school.  Cool?

Forget about them if: you just can’t be seen in public with your “Gramps” running the same sneakers down-low.

Best use: 1. Running.  2. Walking. 3. Both 1 &2 – we call that a “jog-trot”.

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Happy 1.11.11!

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  1. The NB 993, although a different fit altogether, is a great sequel to the 991 and 992. The ABZORB technology offers comfort and stability where most shoes wouldn’t be as dependable. I for one used them for the first time in the 2010 Chicago new years day run and thought they were great!

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