Best Running Shoes For 2011

New Year +  New Shoes = New You.

All of us set goals.  Most of us make it through the first couple of weeks.  Some of us make it months and few of us make it throughout the year.  We have some advice:  make resolutions a pursuit not a one-time event!  Goals should look like this picture of all these marathon shoes in circle:

Image courtesy Nike

Start at the top, and don’t give up half way around, see your goals all the way through.  Be specific and make them attainable.  Too often, we set a goal “I want to lose weight.”  That is a noble goal.  However, it isn’t specific enough.  The goal should be I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of March.  Give yourself a specific goal and a deadline.  Tell other people.   You will be surprised how some will take an interest and help cheer you along.  When you reach your goal, take time to celebrate your success and then pat yourself on the back.

This month we will be providing reviews on running shoes, not just any running shoes – but the best running shoes for 2011.   We want to help you keep your New “Shoe” Years resolutions.  Stay tuned.  Daily.

Here is what we recommended in years past:

For 2010 you needed New Nike Training Shoes For 2010

In 2009 we thought that You Need A Diet Packed With SHOES!

We wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2011 – thanks to all of you who visit!

Leave your thoughts on New Year’s goals below!

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