Vibram Five Fingers For 2011

Vibram Five Fingers “Floves” For 2011

In 2011, Vibram will be releasing new and exciting Five Fingers shoes.  Nearly everyone has seen Vibram’s unique line of foot-gloves (a.k.a. “Floves”) known as Five Fingers.  When first introduced in 2006, they were different.  They weren’t like anything anyone had ever seen.  They drew attention for their strange appearance and questions about comfort, durability and versatility.  By now, all types of Five Fingers shoes are well known to be comfortable, heavy duty and long lasting.  They just don’t break down like typical running shoes.  For 2011, and just as flexible and comfortable as their predecessors, the new Vibram offerings include a brand new line for kids and a new adult style designed especially for runners.

The Bikila LS, Vibram’s first of its kind running shoe, is as innovative to minimalistic running as the original Five Fingers was to the  shoe industry.  The “Bikila” named after Abebe Bikila who in 1960 rejected a fresh pair of Adidas shoes and ran bare foot just like he trained.  The Bikila LS is the first Five Fingers model to feature laces, added to provide perfect fit and customization.  This shoe’s sole is also different than the rest of the Five Fingers line, specially designed to propel your forward as you run and literally keep “you on your toes.”

Bikila Sole *Image courtesy of fitness footwear

Vibram’s kid sized Five Fingers are anxiously awaited but the details of this new line remain a mystery.  Parents with kids who love to be barefoot will take solace in being able to protect their child’s feet while still allowing them the pleasure of bare feet.  Vibram has so far released very few details regarding this addition to their Five Fingers line, but parents and kids alike are sitting on the edge of their seats for the release date.  So are we.

Wonder what barefoot dress shoes will look like?

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  6. Bill says:

    Great post – I’ll be interested to see what they look like with laces.

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