Kigo Footwear Eco-Friendly Shoe Review

Kigo Footwear  Shoe Review

Looking for a light-weight minimalist shoe for your fall wardrobe?  Check out Kigo Footwear.   Founded in 2006, Kigo is a minimalistic, environmentally and eco-friendly shoe company that sells comfortable, fashionable, durable footwear for both the indoors and outdoors, city life and country adventures. Kigo shoes average 5 ounces because they are made from such lightweight materials and have such a simplistic design. Unlike other shoes that are up to hiking and outdoor activities, Kigo shoes are also attractive and subtle enough to be worn as everyday footwear. All Kigo shoes are designed with foot and overall health in mind.

Kigo currently sells four types models of shoe: the Shel and the Edge for both men and women, perfected for outdoor activity; and the Star and Curv for women, designed for outdoor and as well as everyday wear. The Shel and the Edge offer full foot coverage to keep feet protected in the outdoors, but are notably lightweight and flexible, giving you the joys of going barefoot without the dangers or discomforts.  The Shel in particular has become popular in the minimalistic running community for its comfort, durability and simple design. The Star and Curv are typical Mary Jane shoes but are made with unique eco-friendly materials and crafted with an emphasis on durability. These two models are also extremely flexible, able to be nearly folded in half, making them easy to pack and super comfortable to wear.

All Kigo insoles are antibacterial and removable making them easy to pack, wash and wear. The eco-friendly aspects of Kigo shoes include the very materials every shoe is made with, including EVA insoles. The uppers on all styles of Kigo shoes are made from post-consumer waste, also known as recycled materials. Even the dyes and stain treatments used to finish Kigo shoes are certified non-toxic. This environmentally friendly aspect of Kigo footwear makes them even more popular among outdoor enthusiasts.  What eco-friendly minimalist shoes do you dig?

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