z7footwear Men’s Breathe Shoe Review

Men’s Z7 Breathe footwear review

Shoes that help improve your health just by lacing them up? Then, who needs a gym when you have these shoes?  There is a ton of hype right now around shoes that get you in shape just by wearing them. MBT shoes were the first to market shoes that would subconsciously engage your muscles as they were made to mimic walking barefoot on a sandy beach. Sketchers entered the scene and have hired Joe Montana as their spokesperson, yawn. One of the companies who has recently entered the market and done their research is Z7Footwear.

Who is Z7Footwear?  The 26th letter in the alphabet is Z.  There are 26 bones in the feet.  Enter; letter Z.  There are 7 major muscle groups in your lower body that are used when you walk. Enter; number 7.  Add footwear and you get the name.  Their theory is simple, by wearing their shoes, you can burn more calories, create better muscle tone, and develop a greater sense of balance over time.  Below is an info-graphic that highlights this statement.

*image courtesy of Z7Footwear

I received a pair of shoes from Z7 this spring.  I have had a chance to wear test these new shoes and when I first laced them up, I was fully expecting to feel off-balance or uneven on my feet.  That didn’t happen at all, in fact on the first wear test they were surprisingly comfortable.  The theory behind the Z7 is mimicking the feel of walking on a cobblestone road.  Find your natural path to balance with a pair of Z7’s.

The shoes of the day: Z7Footwear’s Breathe.

*image courtesy of Z7Footwear

Some people think it is a gimmick, others think it is the latest and greatest.  If you are looking at purchasing a pair of these new toning shoes, we recommend z7Footwear.  Why?  Because they are the only “toning shoes” that look like they belong on your feet and not at the circus.  We like them.  What do you think?

Disclosure: I received these shoes complementary from Z7Footwear.  If I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t have written about them.

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3 Responses to z7footwear Men’s Breathe Shoe Review

  1. Dan says:

    Seriously, those sketchers look ridiculous. At least these look like real shoes.

  2. Dan says:

    I should also say that if I wanted to look ridiculous I would goto a gym and therefore not need the sketchers.

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