Are Keen Shellrock WP Shoes Worth the Money?

Keen Shoes Review
Before I share my candid shoe review, first let me say that I am pretty keen on Keen shoes.  In fact I currently own 3 pair.  Late last year, I purchased the Keen Shellrock WP for winter trail running.  The WP – it stands for waterproof, “KEEN.DRY” style.   The Keen “right-out-of-the-box” comfort was there, but the promised Keen performance was missing.

Pros:  The water-proof works and I put the KEEN.DRY to the test.  I ran until the snow got too deep, then strapped on snow shoes and kept running.  My feet remained dry.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give a little credit to my wool socks.  These are great everyday shoes during the rainy season or when you want to keep your feet dry.  The ubiquitous keen toe protection really does what it says.

Cons: They are extremely heavy.  They have zero traction for trail running and  I like meaty traction.  The S3 heel support structure is alright, but the low cut heel leaves your heel slipping and sliding on every ascent.  Also, if you suffer from the “my-second-toe-is-longer-than-my-big-toe-coolness” like I do, then you will want to find another shoe too.

Keen_Shellrock_WP Trail Running

Buy them if: they are on sale, they are not worth $120.
Forget about them if: you want real trail running shoes.

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