ASICS Gel-Trabuco®12 WR Review

Today’s shoe review: Asics Gel-Trabuco® 12 WR.  Trail running shoes are hot this time of year, specifically these new runners from Asics.  The first pair of running shoes that I purchased were Asics, as they came highly recommended from a female track-star (we think both of those qualifications are sufficient validation for any running shoe purchase.)

The Gel-Trabuco® all-weather design offers all-trail protection.  They are incredibly light-weight at only 9oz.  The Gusset design keeps out all the stuff that you don’t want in your shoes.  The forefoot rock plate helps protect your toes. Water-resistant upper keeps the water out, but still allows your foot to breathe.  The unique recipe for the grip of the sole is intended to provide excellent traction.  This may be the ideal shoe for your outdoor running, as the spring weather is always unpredictable.  Keep your footwear predictable with these Asics.

Shoes Of The Day?  Ascis. Gel. Trabuco®. 12. WR.  Period.

ASICS - Gel-Trabuco 12 WR (Black/Onyx/Yellow) - Footwear

How many miles have you run so far this year?  Leave us a comment if you are still holding true to your shoe-year resolutions.

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