New Nike Training Shoes For 2010

Just in time for your “shoe years” resolutions, Nike has introduced three new training shoes to help you with your 2010 weight training program. Whether you are trying to loose or gain weight, these will look great on your feet.  The name of the new Nike training shoes are: Nike Lunar Kayoss, Nike Trainer1 Low, Nike SC2010. Each of these shoes are designed to provide a durable and lightweight shoe for your New Year. That’s right, shoesoftheday is committed to helping you achieve your athletic goals, one shoe at a time.  Go ahead and click on the links below – come on start clicking, your fingers need exercise too!

Nike Lunar Kayoss

Nike Trainer 1 Low

Nike Trainer SC 2010 

Images courtesy of Nike Media

Enjoy the Nike training shoes of the day for your 2010.

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  2. I’m looking to get some new trainers and I need something like this…great for weight loss.

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  4. Xander says:

    Upload your shoe pictures and let them battle it out.

  5. lift shoes says:

    Thanks for your information and pictures. From three pictures of “Nike Lunar Kayoss”, “Nike Trainer 1 Low” and “Nike Trainer SC 2010”, I like the “Nike Lunar Kayoss” best, I am thinking to buy one.

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