Shoe Review: GoLite Fire

New England Footwear recently sent me a pair of GoLite “Fire” shoes to test and review.  Today I completed my final trail test-run with the recently released shoes.   This shoe review will contain mostly pictures and some commentary, in an effort to show you how these shoes performed in each circumstance; from packed trails, to slick sandstone and hard mountain rock.  We reviewed several other pairs of trail running shoes, but only one pair was chosen for an all-expenses paid road trip trail shoe review.

Golite Fire

Let’s begin the review at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.  Ranger Bill at Arches told us that you must stay on the marked trails, otherwise you are “busting the crust.”  We assure you and Ranger Bill that there was no busted crust while at the park.  The GoLite Fires handled the slick rock, dirt and red sand without any slips.

GoLite Shoe Reviews Southern Utah

GoLite Shoes in Aches

Next we go to Goblin Valley, Utah.  This State Park is an incredible scene to behold.  The entire park is covered with small sandstone structures that look like thousands of aliens who set up shop in the middle of Utah for a family reunion.  You can’t help but run from structure to structure, scaling the dusty sandstone just to see if you can identify any of your relatives.

GoLite Shoes taking on Goblin Valley

Next we go to the Manti LaSal National Forrest.  Three pictures show the topography that was thrown at the shoes this time.  The shoe proved to have incredible stability on the uneven surfaces, and yes, they handled the plain old packed trail just fine.

GoLite Fire Shoes

GoLite Fire Shoes Review - at Joes

Trail running in GoLite’s - alpine running

Next, Rock Canyon.  This canyon is well, rocky.  The shoes handled the uneven, rocky terrain with ease.

GoLite Shoes Review

The final trail run was Grove Creek Canyon.  Every kind of terrain imaginable is on this trail: gravel, dirt, rocks and shale.  Of all the trail runs, this had the steepest terrain and the most rugged off-road conditions.  The shoes exceeded our expectations here, too.

GoLite Shoe Reviews

Miles driven for this review: 880 miles.

National Parks: Three. (Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef.)

State Parks: Two.  (Dead Horse Point and Goblin Valley)

Shoe Test Miles: 29 total miles running, walking, scrambling and just looking good.

Now for the shoe highlights for all the non-visual people:

  • We loved the customizable antimicrobial footbed, it provided the precise fit for my narrow foot.  The insole design allows for perfect customization for narrow, medium and wide feet.
  • The all new “glove fit” integrated with the tongue and laces made my foot feel secure and snug.  At first, there’s a feeling to adjust your socks when you slide your foot in the shoe, but when you tie the laces, you’re glad it’s there.
  • The shoe offers optimal balance of cushion and torsion.  GoLite’s trademark “NeoFoam” wraps around the entire shoe and offers protection and support.  It also cleans up nicely.
  • The best “Trail Claws” and “Paw Pads” provide more surface contact with the ground.
  • Gripstick™ rubber is an exclusive high-grip compound that offers extra traction on slick surfaces.
  • The heel cradle keeps your heel right where it belongs.
  • Ample toe protection – see the pictures!
  • It has incredible light-weight performance: the shoe is true to the brand, weighing in at only 14.00 oz.

Shoes of the day: GoLite’s Fire.  We think even Smokey the Bear would like these Fires!  But don’t Go-lite any fires without his permission.

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