NIKE Air Max LeBron VII

Meet the new Lebron VII.  LeBron released his new shoes last week in Akron, Ohio.  Here is what LeBron had to say about his shoes “The new LeBron VII takes my signature line to a new level of innovation,” said LeBron James. “As the demands of my game evolve and increase, Nike consistently designs and develops shoes helping drive my on-court success.” Does he need more success on the court?  Talk amongst yourselves.

LeBron VII Nike Air shoes
image courtesy of nike

Now to follow suite from the previous shoes review, we would like to highlight the designer.  These kicks were designed by Nike designer Jason Petrie.  Not only does Jason draw shoes for Nike, but he also collects them.  Nice work Jason.

Buy them if: You have $160.

Forget about them if: You don’t.

The shoes of the day the new Nike Air Max LeBron VII.

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