Classic Espadrilles Shoe Review

Are you searching for an eco-friendly, handcrafted, organic pair of canvas shoes with more history than your high school text book?   Look no further than the Espadrilles.  This Spanish shoe is the oldest of all of our shoe reviews and has been in use and in style for over 4,000 years.  The shoes name “Espadrille” is derived from “esparto” which is a kind of plant that was originally burned then braided to make the soles.   Each shoe is entirely hand-sewn especially for your feet, in a small Spanish town named la Rioja, in Northern Spain.

Speaking of history, if you remember “The Hoff’s” show “Night Rider”, and wore “OP” cord shorts, had a collection of 8-tracks, or you rode in a wood-paneled vehicle, then you will remember these shoes were also hot in the 80’s.  They are again back in style along with Sperry Topsiders, penny loafers and Vans.


Espadrilles with red stripes - Classic Espadrilles

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Shoe Type: Comfortable Casual
Shoe Construction: The soles are made of jute and rubber.  The sole will mold to your feet and allows your skin to take deep breaths in the summer heat.  The upper is constructed of canvas that is hand sewn to the sole.
Comfort: We give them 4 out of 5 shoes.
Shoe Fit: Initially the fit is snug, however they will stretch.  Feel free to leave your socks in the drawer when you wear these shoes, unless you’re into braided belts.
Buyer’s tip: These shoes come in whole sizes, so make sure when you order, round up.  If you’re not into flip-flops, then these are your perfect alternative summer shoes.  Men and women both wear these shoes.  Men, stick to the Espadrilles without ribbons.

The shoe is simple and will complement any summer wardrobe, the shoes of the day, Espadrilles with stripes, Ole!

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