Shoes That Are Selling In A Recession

What are the best recession-proof summer shoes?  SUV’s.  No, we’re not talking automobiles – although these are the cleanest, most fuel-efficient SUVs that we could find on the road.  What are all of our readers are telling us?  This is the best, most comfortable shoe for the summer.  Yes, we have reviewed these shoes before and here is what you need to know about these Sanuk’s:

  • These shoes are hand-made.  Really.
  • Wear them with or without socks.  (If you are over 45, socks are OK with these as long as you have your braided belt on.)
  • They feel like a flip-flop but sound like a shoe.
  • Get them wet, they will easily dry.  (If you’re the impatient type, hairdryers typically expedite the process)
  • A new pair smells like new, an old pair will need washing.
  • They taste like….

…well, that pretty much wraps up this review.   In the mean time, send us some to taste test Sanuk and we’ll tell you how close they come to chicken.  The business on top, party on the bottom shoes of the day: Sanuk SUV

You can buy yourself a pair for best deal here.  Or, if you are looking for some additional support, they make a semi-high top called the Sanuk “Outlaw”

My apologies to jetsetcarina, I know you loathe these shoes but, they do come in camouflage so no one would see them on your feet!

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  1. Carina says:

    They just look like you’re being homeless. On purpose. But maybe you’re into that sort of thing. Carry on.

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