Shoe War – Kobe’s vs. Jordan’s

Is it the really the shoes?  According to Mickael Pietrus, the point guard for the Orlando Magic, he thinks so.  Until the 2009 NBA playoffs, Pietrus has been lacing-up the new Kobe Bryant endorsed “Nike Hyperdunk” sneakers.  Now he is leaving the hyperdunks at home.  So, what shoes did he choose for the playoffs?  He has been wearing a pair of Air Jordan‘s.  Perhaps the Magic will need the all the Air Jordan karma they can muster to win the next 3 games in a row.  Otherwise, it looks like Kobe will get his title.  Now in the off-season,  the only place we may see Kobe’s shoes   will be collecting dust in Mickael’s closet or jumping over expensive automobiles.

Kobe Nike Hyperdunk Shoes

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For the next game, we recommend that Pietrus wear the “Nike – Air Believe“shoes – we think these are his only chance.  Do you believe the Magic can pull it off?

Kobe’s: 3 Jordan’s: 1

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8 Responses to Shoe War – Kobe’s vs. Jordan’s

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  3. hank says:

    The hyperdunks are ok I prefer the zoom iv’s those and the adidas kobe ii’s were his best.

  4. skorupek says:

    It’s easy NIKE JORDAN’S are way better

  5. dareck says:

    me personally i love the crazy eights i think they are one of the lightest shoes all balled an got hell of ankle support

  6. jon jon says:

    pietrus is not the point guard, hes actually the back up three man..stupid article, and those arent kobes shoes those are just the regular hyperdunks..stupid article

  7. TsT213 says:


  8. masonfrench says:


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