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What shoes are you wearing tomorrow? I am sure you may have asked yourself this question, as yesterday was “Earth Day”  Well, what will you wear tomorrow, if you didn’t wear these today? Look no further.  Nothing like reviewing “tomorrows” shoes today.  Everyone is talking green — green this, green that. If it says “green” it will somehow be better for the planet, right?  Now Simple, the shoe company is doing their part.  Simple has launched a shoe line called “green toe.”  Now, I have heard of “having a green thumb”– but green toe?  Green toes…isn’t that bad?  Not only are these shoes made from recycled tires (and other items that you might find in your local dumpster) but they look like they are made with recycled material.  Can’t they make these look a little better?  Just think about the Toyota Prius, what a mess!  Can we make a hybrid car that doesn’t look like a hybrid car?  It’s part car, part blender!  Well, enough for today, get these on your feet toe-morrow!

These simple shoes feature:

•    Cushioned felt heel pad
•    Molded latex outsole provides comfort and flexibility
•    Jute laces add natural flair
•    Unfinished brass hardware looks rustic and stylish
•    Removable natural latex pedbed with cotton canvas cover
•    Natural crepe rubber midsole is fashionable and environmentally friendly
•    Water based cements
•    100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms

The Shoes of the Day: the simply Simple, Toemorrow:

Simple Green Toe Toemorrow shoes

Does anyone have a granola bar I can chew on – these jute laces are way too chewy!

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