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Happy Earth Day!  Well, we made it!  You felt okay walking up to that tree and giving it a long deserved hug, didn’t you?  Tomorrow you won’t have to feel guilty driving to work watching all of those earth-conscious bike riders pedaling alongside you, thinking you should be doing the same. Or continue to worry about all of the plastic-wear you used in the break room to make that single cup of whatever that stuff was – as long as it was thrown in the recycling bin.  You know, we are all for saving the earth and we are trying to do our part.  In fact, today we kept the office lights off all day!  Now we want to help you to do your part and feel good about your next shoe purchase, buying a shoe that keeps on giving, giving back to you and to our mother earth.  We decided to review a pair of eco-friendly and earth friendly shoes.  Because we care about you, your feet and the one and only planet that we share, Earth.  The organic, natural, farm-fresh, vegan, and fungal in color, shoes of the day: The Macbeth* – Eliot Vegan (Fungi/Black) – Footwear

Macbeth - Eliot Vegan (Fungi/Black) - Footwear

•    Vegan friendly textile uppers
•    Original pennant logo
•    Contrast cable stitching
•    Vegan icon art on heel pennant
•    Vulcanized construction
•    Synthetic outsole for traction
*We have no historical proof that Macbeth was vegan  – what we do know is that the famous play written by Shakespeare has been adapted to several entertainment mediums including: television, opera, comic books and now shoes!

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