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  1. Decent presentation.

    Nike came out with a shoe similar to this concept about two years ago. It seems that somnio has improved upon the concept a little bit.

    For a true “bare foot” shoes, check out a brand called Vibram and their Five Fingers line.

  2. Bart S says:

    Yeah, there is actually a review I found on this site about the Five Fingers Shoes

  3. Adan Ortega says:

    I live in Southern California and bought a pair of the Somnios while visiting San Francisco in June 2009. I ran about 400 miles in them before retiring them and switching successfully to Nike Free. The whole idea is that the Somnios are supposed to be customized by the trained sales agent. When the agent saw that I was wearing orthotics in my old shoes he took all the fitting gadgets, put them in the box and told me just to use my orthotic. Untypical for myself I bought the shoes (dummy me). With the orthotic the shoe was no different than any stability shoe I had worn before (Kayano) – but uglier. Once I tinkered with the various pads the shoe proved to be a contrived product – clunky. Given its promotion as the product of an engineer-inventor it seems it was put together by a lazy inventor who didn’t want to bother thinking about real design – all the “design” is in the cushions and cushion ports that take much awkwardness to install. It could have been the bad sales agent that ruined it for me. If you are at your wits end looking for a shoe that works to eliminate foot pain (like I was last year) start with a good sales rep that really knows what they are doing and try a bunch of other shoes before settling on Somnios.

  4. admin says:

    Adan, thanks for your message. This is very helpful information. Thanks for sharing it with shoesoftheday.com readers.

  5. Rhonda Melton says:

    Hi there!

    I saw a story on t.v. about your shoes and the show was about how you will accutally send out your shoes to potential customers to try out your shoes for free?
    Would you let me know if this story was a scam or true asap?
    I really would like to try out your shoes as they seem to be really great and am willing to be your guenia pig at no charge to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Rhonda Melton……..

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