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Happy Presidents Day!  Each Monday, we go back to work and address our own individual business challenges – your shoes shouldn’t be one of those challenges.   So, each Monday we are going to review shoes that will make your feet look and feel great on the first day of the week.  However, today I was thinking about the oval office and what shoes I would want on my feet if I were the President.  If I were the President for one day, I would want a pair of shoes that would offer a few fantastic features:

  • Lighten my load.  I would want shoes that would help lighten the load and evenly distribute the weight which would be on the shoulders of a president.
  • Look cool walking around.  I would welcome the increased style in my posture and gait.  Besides, isn’t there plenty of sitting that goes on in Washington already.  A pair of shoes where I could get up, walk around, and look good doing it.
  • Built-in wake up calls.  The promised activation of neglected muscles – now that’s a stimulus package that I could believe in!
  • Help with the numbers. Increased rear-end( buttock) muscle activity – as I am sure it (the rear-end) gets its share of lactic acid build up and a fair share of kicking.
  • Help! my back!  I would love shoes that would strengthen my spine subconsciously.  Consciously, don’t we need more strong spines in Washington?  Well, more spines in Washington would be great, period!  Don’t you agree?
  • Consensus – something my whole body could agree on.  A shoe that would activate my whole body while in use.  Let’s get everyone in the House and Senate some of these shoes!

Well President, on this special day that is dedicated to you, we looked long and hard and found a pair of shoes that will do all of the above and more for you!  We recommend the new “business on top, party on the bottom” Karani shoes by MBT.  The MBT Karani’s have a rocking chair style bottom which will keep you rocking all day long.  President Barack Obama already has a pretty district strut – imagine what these MBT’s would do to add to it!  Here is a word of caution, there is required break-in time with these shoes – MBT recommends that you work up to wearing them all day,  take a few hours the first week and get your body used to the unique sole.

Do you want to look Presidential in all that you do, buy a suit and tie and a pair of MBT shoes and you are on your way.   Don’t forget to mention this helpful shoe recommendation from your friends at shoes of the day when you run in 2012.

Take a closer look by clicking on the MBT shoe below:

MBT - Karani (Black) - Footwear

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