For The Love Of Shoes!

Happy Valentine’s Day from  the shoes of the day.  Since today is a day filled with hearts and love, it reminded me of an ad that I saw recently.  The ad compared the cost for a new pair of shoes to the cost for major heart surgery.  A pair of walking or running shoes: $80-100 .  Bypass Heart Surgery: $20,000.  Go and buy some shoes – as you can see, a new pair of shoes is much cheaper than any future medical treatment.  Looking for another benefit?  Just think, if you wear out your shoes you can also justify staying current with the newest shoe fashion trends.

Back to hearts.  Here is an idea for you: if you need some additional inspiration or motivation to work out, take your current shoes, get out a red marker and draw a big heart on your shoes.  This will remind you every time you lace these sweethearts up, your heart and maybe the love of your life will thank you.  If neither of those are a good enough option for you, then just think it will make for a great conversational piece, especially if you are looking for love.  Send us a picture of the hearts on your shoes, a story of why you put hearts on your shoes and the reaction.  Your shoes may even be featured on

Back to shoes.  Here is a picture of my shoes, I am committed – for the love of shoes!  Enjoy the shoes of the day: Shoes that I Heart!

Asic Shoes with a heart

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