You Need A Diet Packed With SHOES!

You don’t need a new diet, you need new shoes.

January is the beloved month for resolutions.  This year I made three simple resolutions and yes, I have already completed them.  Done, short and sweet.  Now I am on to my next set of resolutions.  Most people start with a monster list of things that they want to accomplish – which is great.  However, what I would recommend is starting with a short list of things you would like to accomplish and then…..drum-roll please…… actually do them!  If you miss a day, make it up!  Success is mini victories – small things consistently repeated that equal great results and make the biggest difference.  By now you are probably thinking, “Good GRIEF – I thought this was a shoe review site!”  It is, just hold tight, and continue reading; I am getting to the shoes!

Most people want to lose weight and not pay the price – we all want a quick fix.  Well my beloved readers, here is the secret: if you want to lose weight here are three simple things that you can do:  1. Eat less.  Whoa, novel idea I know.  But, it actually works.   2. Exercise more.  3. Buy a new pair of shoes.  Yep, that’s right buy a new pair of shoes!  Every time you stare at those new runners it will remind you to GET ACTIVE and remember the small commitment that you made, especially when you’re looking at the double-decker-fudge-chocolate-marshmallow-triple-dipped-pleasure-ice-cream-delight.  If you’re not sure what exercise shoe is best for you – I recommend a new shoe gem that I just found.   Click on the shoe for additional views.  Buy yourself a new pair and have them shipped for free right to your front door.  The Shoe to review: The Ecco Mudslinger II.
Ecco Mudslinger Running Shoe:
Ecco Performance - Mudslinger II (Titanium/ Royal) - Footwear

Ecco is a trusted brand and comfort echoes when you say the name.  This upper is highly breathable and 100% waterproof thanks to the GORE-TEX® material.  Ecco has constructed this shoe with their RECEPTOR® technology.  What is RECEPTOR® technology? It mirrors human motion and the foot’s sensory nerve-ending cells, or receptors.  Yes, receptors similar to what your taste buds do when you look at ice cream.

This shoe is ideal for running on or off road.  Enjoy the shoes of the day to start your New Year and 2009 resolutions off right, the Ecco Mudslinger II.  By the way, I have already lost 5 lbs.

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