Don’t Call “Fore!” When Wearing Uggs

On the fourth day of Christmas shoes of the day gave to me, a pair of Uggs to wear golfing,  3 Uggs – Coquettes, 72 degree uggs and a pair of Uggs with a Cedar shoe tree.

If you just can’t live without your Uggs, even on the golf course, the Ugg Tall furry boots would be your best bet – by far the coolest high-top golf shoes you will ever own.

Ugg-fortunately, Uggs don’t come with spikes – leave golfing for the FootJoy people.  Wait a second, maybe Uggs should connect with FootJoy and create the super-supple-soft-sheepskin-spike-soled shoes.  Those would make for some happy feet no matter the score!

….I’m headed to the club house for some Ugg-nog.

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