Uggs Boots From Sun-Up To Snow-Down

On the second day of Christmas shoes of the day gave to me, two 72 degree Uggs, and Uggs with a Cedar shoe-tree.  The last time I checked, 72 degrees was shorts and flip-flop weather.  But having just returned from Newport Beach, you would think it was below freezing by the way the people were bundled in their Uggs, coats and scarves.  The Ugg “all season for any reason” shoe of the day:
Ugg – Ultra Short (Sand) – Footwear

Ugg - Ultra Short (Sand) - Footwear

But, the fire is so delightful……especially with this pair of sheepskin footwearShorter height fits great under or over pants.  Pants and jingle bells sold separately.

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  2. Days are getting colder.and i m looking for a pair of great boots that keep my feet warm.i think this one is the best option……….

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