The Shoes That Say “Bling, Bling, Bling!”

Do your feet need more attention? Shoes of the day has the solution: you need a pair of Kashi Kicks. These shoes will leave most cars’ hood ornaments begging for more attention. I am not saying that people will be wearing these shoes dangling from a chain around their necks, because they deserve to be on your feet.

Kashi Box - no detail is missed

By wearing Kashi’s you are guaranteed more looks, comfort and style without an arduous “break-in” process like most shoes in this style category. They “fit” right out of the box and are true to size, with plenty of room in the toe box. I have been wearing and testing out my new pair of Kashi “AK-07‘s” for a month and they are great. Here is the shoe review: Styled after the famous pianist Liberace, these shoes are every bit as eccentric as his wardrobe and on-stage accouterments – they even come with a candelabrum attached to the laces. No detail is spared in the construction from the leopard print and patent leather exterior, to the comfortable insole which is liberally layered with crushed velvet padded goodness – and did you notice the keyboard around the upper and mid-sole? Everywhere we go when we are in these shoes people stop me and say, “whoa! what kind of shoes are those and where can I get a pair?” Just today I heard, “Those are the coolest shoes I have ever seen!” and, “Those are funk-a-licious!” and one word said it all, “WOW!” If you have already read and heard enough and want more, visit the Kashi website here.

Kashi Piano Shoes

Who is Kashi anyway? I thought Kashi was some sort of a nutritious feel-good food. Well, it is if you are into eating organic wood and rocks. But we are here to tell you that Kashi means a healthy new look for your wardrobe, and take it from us, your feet will thank you later! These shoes truly shine without buying any can of boring shoe polish. Kashi has truly meshed together style, design, and a funky new fashion to draw the necessary attention to your deserving soles! Your little pigs will be saying “bling, bling, bling” all the way home from the market, or anywhere you go.

Kashi Kicks

Enjoy the “entertaining” shoesoftheday: Kashi AK Piano-07’s

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4 Responses to The Shoes That Say “Bling, Bling, Bling!”

  1. These are the coolest shoes I have ever seen!

  2. Sam says:

    I just checked out the website, and they got all kinds of crazy designs!!

  3. DShoeMan says:

    Yeah these are killer shoes – everywhere I go when I have these shoes on people would stare! Finally, your feet will get the attention they deserve! Great work Kashi!

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