Shoe Review: Vans Custom

Vans first came “off the wall” in March of 1966. The first Vans shoes didn’t even have names – they had numbers! The Vans number 44 was their first authentic deck shoe. Vans were the pioneers in the mass production of custom shoes. This is the reason I thought they should be the first review! It all started when one of their customers came into their factory, office and store and said “that’s a nice pink, but I really want a brighter pink.” All it took was that comment from a customer and custom vans were born!

Custom isn’t the most affordable route – be prepared to pay extra for your customizing your shoes. The cool thing is, no one else will have a pair like them – unless you make some killer custom shoes like my friend Lee! Enjoy the shoes of the day: Lee’s custom Vans.

Lee’s custom vans

You can build your custom Vans here.

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  1. I had a pair of fake Vans made by Trax (classic KMart brand). The whole school thought I was the coolest kid for about three days… when I was exposed as a shoe fraud 🙁

  2. ElvisFreshly says:

    If you want to customize your shoes you should go to to purchase a kit. Also, the best custom shoes on the net.

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  4. Don’t forget these killer Vans are based on the corporate colors of OrangeSoda, the top local search marketing firm. I particularly like how they are business in the front (corporate colors) and party in the back (Vans’ dream skulls).

  5. Fri says:

    wa,i love it.can you custom my shoes on the website:

  6. tshepo tokeng says:

    I lyk dat shoe it mke me fill lyk I’m moving wth a car lol

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