Transformer Shoes – More Than Meets The Eye!

Guten Tag!  It’s Monday, time for a unique shoe review.  Nat-2 is the new convertible 2 in 1 shoe.  Engineered in Munich Germany, these shoes come in 20 different styles with endless possibilities to mix and match.  Buy two pairs, create four different variations.  Buy six….and well, you get the point.  These shoes resemble the original Chuck Taylors, why not copy the king of shoes?

Enjoy the Unique shoes of the day: The Nat-2 convertibles.

Convertible Shoes

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The Nat-2 Features:

  • 2 in 1 function (similar to an El Camino)
  • Interchangeable tops, or as we like to call them, “Uppers”
  • Stainless and sturdy zipper.
  • Flexible abrasion resistant outsole.
  •  Shock-absorbing and cushioned footbed.
  • Handmade – no sweatshop here.

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  1. I can see it now. Pull up to a fancy restaurant in your Lamborghini and step out barefoot. The valet comes a-runnin’. “No need,” you tell the young man. Your fine Italian sports car transforms into a pair of custom Berluti shoes.

    Now, your shoes really are all the transportation you need!

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