Shoes Are No Longer Nouns. Welcome The “Verb For Shoe”

Verb For Shoe Smart Shoe

What is the Verb For Shoe? For four years Ron Demon, an MIT grad, has been working on the Verb For Shoe “smartshoe” and this month he is taking pre-orders. Each Verb For Shoe product is custom made to order and must pass a rigorous inspection. Expect your shipment in 10-14 days. But wait there’s more…this shoe also has an “engine.” It even comes with built-in airbags for your feet. The footwear features an insole computer which will adjust the level of support in your shoes depending on what you are doing – this feature is called “Auto Comfort” The shoes sense when you are walking, the bladders adjust and become softer. The shoes sense when you are running and the bladders will adjust and become firmer. The Verb for Shoes also come with a social networking component – you can share your personal information “wirelessly” with other Verb Shoe wearers. Shoes of the day: Verb For Shoe.

Technology: Yes.

Inventor: Ronald S. Demon

Sizes: 7-13

Price: $699.99 US


If I’m going to drop 7 Benjamin’s on a pair of shoes, they are going to go on their own.

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I cant help it, I love shoes.

3 Responses to Shoes Are No Longer Nouns. Welcome The “Verb For Shoe”

  1. salvatore says:

    the technology has been researched and developed, but what about the design? the consumer? invention is wonderful, but inventors are often unaware of well thought out design solutions to coexist with new methods and technological advances. they may get wrapped up into specifics and do not take into account that there are a million and one issues that need to be worked out to get a shoe to market, including trends, product design and creative marketing.

    is this just a terrible version of air jordan or a walking shoe for the rich and style-less? i think this is actually a cool tech shoe, so book smart YES, street smart NO!

  2. Phil says:

    They look pretty good to me! I have heard a lot about them and I am going to take a chance and check them out!

  3. Pastry Footwear
    These are the most prettiest shoes I have ever seen, with black and silver

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