Piloti Prototipos Driving Shoes

Get your feet back on the right track with these new shoes of the day: The Piloti Prototipos Driving Shoes.

 Piloti Prototipos Driving Shoes

Great article, great shoes, you can find it all here. “You’ve treated your sports car to a top-notch set of tires. The engine is freshly tuned and bathed in the finest motor oil you can buy. And now you’re climbing aboard for a drive…wearing that ratty old pair of tennis shoes? Puh-leeze. If you’re serious about your driving — especially if you own a car with a manual transmission — you need superior equipment on your busy feet. That means a proper pair of driving shoes.

These new Piloti Prototipos are among the best I’ve tried. Developed by Kevin A. Beard, graduate of the famed Art Center college in Pasadena (training ground for many of the world’s top auto stylists) and former designer for Adidas, Reebok, and K-Swiss, the Pilotis are true thoroughbreds, shoes specifically crafted with the needs of driving enthusiasts in mind.” — Source to Arthur St. Antoine 

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  1. nice stuff. I love my car. I always wear adventure shoes. When I drive my car.

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  3. Jack Curtis says:

    I bought a pair of Piloti shoes. It took 3 weeks to get them. They were defective.

    I returned them to Piloti weeks ago.

    Now, I cannot get anyone at Piloti to answer the phone or email.

    I guess without getting on a plane and flying the CA, I just lost $90.

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