What Kid Doesn’t Like Cotton Candy?

I took my son to an athletic sporting event tonight, and after the first half of play he wanted to go home. I thought, “when I was a kid,” put some sugar in my mouth and I was good for at least another shot-clock violation or two. So, off we went to the concession stands in search of something loaded with the white substance that makes us all (legally) feel good. Perfect, right outside our portal we located the cotton candy stand! “Dad, let’s buy those treats” pointing at the air and sugar inflated bags of cotton candy. We exchanged way too much money and then whipped open the plastic.  He cautiously reached his hand inside the bag, touched the fiberglass feeling swirls of baby-blue sugar, and hesitantly lifted it towards his mouth — “eeew! Dad, we don’t eat this!” So, being the brave dad, I said, “Look Son, mmmm….sugar!” and put some in my mouth. He still wasn’t convinced, and after a couple of attempts he was adamant, “I don’t like this stuff.”

Well, today I felt like a kid again. Not only did I get all-i-could-eat cotton candy, but tonight when I was looking online, all the shoes that were hot when I was a kid are hot again.  Here is a list of shoes that were hot in the mid 80’s and are back with a vengeance! The shoes of the day:

Sperry Topsiders

Vans Authentic

Converse All-Star Ox

Clarks Wallabee

I am going to find a penny for my new loafers and then put in the video tape of ‘Back to the Future‘ See ya in about 30 years Marty.

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5 Responses to What Kid Doesn’t Like Cotton Candy?

  1. Dan says:

    pan’s gots kids?

  2. amera says:

    the other day iw as thinking, “i really miss my pony shoes”. i wonder if they still make the ones i kloved so much.

  3. Oh yeah, I had me a pair of the Converse All Stars back in about ’84. But my favorites probably had to be these fake Vans made by K-Mart’s Trax brand. Those were SWEET!

    You have a smart kid by the way. Cotton candy is nasty!

  4. Bring back the 80 styles, but with better arch support! Additionally, NEVER force a kid to eat BLUE SUGAR! It’s a good thing you rate shoes and not food (but I love your style and imagery…and your killer advice on what to put on my feet).

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