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No, we’re not talking Wayne Newton, if so this would be a cowboy boot review. We’re talking Sir Isaac Newton and a company that has built their shoe brand around Newton’s first law of Motion. Yeah, the law that states that an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motion…etc. Shoes that remain in motion?

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to wear a pair of running shoes that say, “come-on, keep on going, you’re not tired, you feel great.” These days, I get tired just lacing up my running shoes. I just want to know, where were these shoes when I had to run the timed mile run in 7th grade 20+ years ago– probably in Coach Swenson’s “secret closet.” Jeff, you were there. Yeah, that’s for another day.

It is interesting to read and hear about trends and buzz-words in the news: “green” in building, “organic” in food, and “barefoot” in shoes. Get off your heels and run on your forefoot – that is what they say at Newton Running. (Running-man stick-figures not included.) However, if you run in cowboy boots, stay on your heels and just be careful to not damage your spurs.

Be prepared to spend a minimum of a Benjamin and a Grant for this shoe technology. Better yet, get your grant, pay for these shoes, and go running.

Enjoy the shoes of the day that stay in motion….the MEN’S CUSHION RACER by Newton Running.

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  2. I have been athletic my whole life, after years of sports and a shattered patella in 1994. I
    Had trouble finding a running shoe that didn’t make my knee swell and cause hip discomfort. I continued to run; you know how some of us runners can be. No pain, no
    Gain!!! Little did I know that Newton was going to come up with the forethought and
    Technology that would allow runners to enjoy training and competition with legs that
    Feel great Thank you! My boyfriend recently purchased the Newton Motus
    Motion as an early Christmas gift, WOW!!!!! What a difference these running shoes make. No more pain, my knee isn’t swelling after my runs and my hips feel great also.
    People have said I’m crazy to still be running at 40, I tell them with my Newton’s I’ll
    Be running at 90!!! Thank from the bottom of my heart, between my and my boyfriend we have seven kids from 20-twins 5 year olds and not one can keep up yet!!!Lol
    GO NEWTON GO! Best Running Shoe

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