Under Armour For Your Feet?

Breaking Shoe News: Under Armour, the performance apparel company looks to the future with footwear claiming “the game has changed and the future is ours.” Can’t wait to see these shoes.

The new Under Armour shoe touts the following: Power. Power meaning “domination and explosion.” Further power is defined by “The ultimate power player trains for maximum vertical performance” Dwight Schrute needs this Shoe! Speed. Speed meaning the “fastest in the game.” Fastest? I wonder how they tested this. With automobiles it is obvious, bigger engine, more horse power and worse gas mileage = faster. Not sure how they are going to get more ponies under the tongue! Finally Evade. Evade meaning “lateral supremacy, the player who dominates with quick cuts trains for lateral supremacy.” Yes, this is definitely Dwight Schrute’s Shoe!

Under Armour will be running a commercial during the Super Bowl this year — and if your looking for comedy, you won’t find it here, they don’t want to do funny this year. Stay tuned because the first ad will come about one week before the Super Bowl and the new Under Armour shoe makes its debut on May the 3rd.

See the UA Evade Proto here.

If Under Armour is really making a shoe, shouldn’t it be called “OA” — for Outer Armour?

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  1. Dan says:

    If it’s not a funny commercial it better be one of those commercials in black and white and people singing in high contrast.

    The commercial should close with a shoe in a snow globe falling and shattering on the floor revealing the precious footwear inside. The implication being that even if you should be crush and destroyed your under armor shoes will live on.

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